The Hidden Paw (hiddenpaw) wrote,
The Hidden Paw

Rain at 90 degrees

First job of the day yesterday was gardening up at the old rectory. Fortunately it didn't start raining till raining until after the last of the series of The Reunion had finished on radio 4. It's been a good series as ever with the episodes on The Dome and Hurricane Katrina rating for me as genuinely brilliant but for one absolute moment of "Oh wow" this weeks episode bringing together the crew from Playschool has to rate as a classic purely for the moment when they are talking about how they improvised the music and the pianist gave a little demonstration on the keyboard and suddenly Flowela Benjimen just started jamming along along on vocals. Do kids have nothing like this on TV any more? As Brian cant said. You can't claim Playschool isn't something new because to a three year old everything is new.

I also got a load of weeding done before the rain came down. Then I went back to breaking up the pebble drive which had became so solid water was just sitting on the top of it. This is better to do in the rain than weeding which is why it was a job I was saving. You see weeding you have to bend over for and the rain goes strait down one's neck. The drive is a stand up job. Unfortunately up on top of the hill as I was the wind was getting up and eventually the rain was coming in sideways and my hat was keeping nothing off so I decided after four hours that was it for the day.

Had lunch and was planning to get out early to get shopping done but there was no rush and sangluna had to work out what ingredients she needed for the large number and verity of Cupcakes she's been asked to make for the parents anniversary. This took awhile, but we got it done in the end and it turned out that sainsburies was out of one of the ingredients anyway. Also we had a lot of trouble finding rose water as we were looking for a bottle that was small and pink and it turned out it comes in medium sized bottles and is clear. so we walked past it several times *Doh!*

Before we left I also got most of the report on the Parish council stuff written up but I won't post it until I've checked out a couple of specific words with Marion (I may post it some place hidden so I can go over it with her) I have to be so careful what I say with this report.

On the way back I dropped SL at the chip van as it was getting Late. By the time I'd finished dinner There really wasn't time for anything else before QI (Still something of a must see for me) Then it was bed as Saturday is a 4am start for me. All in all it was just busy followed by more busy (Hence only writing today) I can tell you now Saturday is turning out much the same.
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